A Guide to Mineral Wells' Most Popular Home Design Styles

A Guide to Mineral Wells' Most Popular Home Design Styles

Mineral Wells has always been the home of deliciously mineral-rich water, health spas, and luxury living. Since the first wave of popularity in the 1920s, when the water was discovered to have medicinal properties, elegant homes have been a signature of the relatively small town east of Fort Worth. With a population of about 15,000, the Mineral Wells real estate market is a lively environment for buying or selling stylish homes.

Whether you're looking to buy or sell a Mineral Wells home, keeping track of home design trends can help you achieve the best possible experience. This blog will explore the historic and trending Mineral Wells home designs and what makes an appealing home in this health-inspired community.

Historic home design styles in Mineral Wells

Mineral Wells homes are typically welcoming and cozy. Even the largest and most grandiose homes feature comfort over opulence, which can be seen in the Craftsman and Rancher styles favored by Texan families for generations. Even though Mineral Wells grew around health spas and luxury hotels, architectural home designs reflect the community's focus on healthy family life.

The oldest homes in Mineral Wells tend to be Craftsman in style, with the occasional Victorian, Tudor, or large Cottage design.

Popular architectural styles of Mineral Wells

What are the most popular styles for home architecture in Mineral Wells? The city's neighborhood features mainly small- to medium-sized homes with a few large estates. Favored styles align with the preferences of the Texan families who have been living and building there for over a century. You will find a charming range of comfortable one- to two-story homes with Ranch and Cottage-style homes on one end of the spectrum and Victorian or Craftsman homes on the other.

Ranch homes

Texans love ranch-style homes. These rambling one-story homes are spacious and sunny, with plenty of room for an entire family. Ranchers tend to be simple and affordable to build, and their style makes future expansions reasonably easy. Ranchers are often nestled below shade trees to reduce cooling costs in the summer and provide a pleasant outdoor environment.

Victorian homes

The most ornate homes in Mineral Wells show elements of Victorian-style architecture with more detailed exteriors, long porches, and steeper roofs. Victorian homes tend to be two-story or even three-story with layered building materials and more numerous yet smaller interior rooms.

Farmhouse homes

Farmhouse homes carry their popularity across the Great Plains states to the north. These multi-story homes have a layered yet charming look with Craftsman-like elements of exposed wood and hand-carved furnishings, typically with an open and spacious interior that encourages a shared family life.

Craftsman homes

Craftsman homes blend Farmhouse elegance with minimalist simplicity. Craftsman homes are more likely to have exposed beams, attention to detail, and lofted ceilings in shared family rooms. These homes are finely crafted with greater detail built into both the interior and exterior.

Cottage homes

Cottage-style homes combine gables and asymmetry to create a welcoming style of home with a typically smaller footprint. These homes are quite comfortable, and there are more than a few in Mineral Wells.

Trending home designs in Mineral Wells real estate

Of course, architectural style isn't the only way to define a home. While the structure of each house defines the architectural trends of Mineral Wells, homeowners can follow home design trends with renovations and updates without the need to build an entirely new house. Several Mineral Wells home designs are trending on the housing market. Homes with these designs tend to earn more attention from buyers because they can make almost any house more appealing.

Entertainer kitchens

Large and spacious kitchens are becoming more popular across all real estate markets. Entertainer kitchens are a special type of large kitchen with two key elements. First, the kitchen must share a larger room with the living room. Second, the kitchen island must face the public space. With this design, family chefs can perform food prep while chatting with people sitting at the island or as entertainment for those gathered in the living room. Entertainer Kitchens are often designed with all-new appliances, gourmet features, double ovens, and other details that a home chef will love.

Columned front porches

Whether Craftsman or Cottage, many homes in Mineral Wells have a shady roofed porch supported by two or more columns. These columned front porches vary in size and style, but when exploring Mineral Wells, you will see them in almost every home.

Spacious living rooms

Mineral Wells was originally founded when small parlors and dens were the popular style, but since then, more spacious floor plans have become a must-have feature. Older homes have had inner walls removed to create open floor plans, while newer homes have been built with a more open and airy living room and connected kitchen design.

Sunny picture windows

Exploring Mineral Wells real estate, you will find that many homes feature picture windows in the living room and other common areas. Picture windows are taller (two to four times as tall as a standard window), and frames or grids do not interrupt the glass. Picture windows in living spaces invite more natural sunlight and panoramic views.

Patio outdoor living design

Lastly, Texans love outdoor living designs, and Mineral Wells is no exception. Many homes have vast patios adorned with lounging furniture and shady pergolas and are crowned with the family grill.

Blending different home styles

After decades of home updates and changing trends, blended home styles are inevitable. Fortunately, they often look fantastic together. For example, many have found that combining Craftsman homes with Contemporary design styles creates a modern and spacious yet warm and cozy home environment. The key is creating a cohesive look with themes in color, material, and form.

If you open up an old floor plan, you can choose support columns that match the exposed ceiling beams or create a second-floor balcony that honors the original style. You can also use artful arrangements of furniture, paint color, and wall decor to make blended styles look like they were intended for each new combination.

Find the perfect home design in Mineral Wells

If you are looking for a home in Mineral Wells, the best place to start is your priorities. Begin assessing your personal needs and style to determine which types of homes or specific features you like best. If you plan a fresh home construction or a bathroom remodeling, you can also work with an architect or designer to achieve your ultimate goal.

You can find the perfect home for your personal style with the help of a skilled real estate agent. Edge Real Estate has deep roots in Mineral Wells. Contact the agent for more information on finding homes in styles you love.

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